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The books are beautiful, in many ways surpassing our expectations. You and the Edwards Brothers Malloy staff have been great.The books are beautiful, in many ways surpassing our expectations. You and the Malloy staff have been great.

- Dave Crow, Cary Tennis Books

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Eric Platou

Eric Platou

Account Executive, Chicago

800.722.3231 ext. 1370 or 734.913.1370 
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In one way or another I've been a "paper boy" for most of my life. When I was a kid I delivered the Chicago Tribune on my bicycle. When I graduated from Eastern Illinois in 1988, I took on a paper route of a different sort working as a Sales Rep for the P.H. Glatfelter paper company. For the next five years I worked with printers and publishers to help them select the most appropriate book papers to stock and/or specify for a project.

During my time with Glatfelter I became familiar with Edwards Brothers Malloy, not only as a supplier but also from some of the positive things some of my publishing customers had to say about the company. When an opportunity came along to represent Edwards Brothers Malloy in the Pacific Northwest, I was glad to take it. I relocated from Chicago to Seattle and represented Malloy there for seven years.

In 2002, I took on some additional accounts in the Midwest and moved back to Chicago. Today, my account responsibilities cover a broad swath of the west coast and midwest. I particularly like this territory because it includes a variety of publishers - large to small - operating in several different markets. Just when I think I've pretty much met the publishing gamut, I meet a publisher that is different from all the rest.


Committed to the Environment

At Edwards Brothers Malloy, we are committed environmental stewards. Protecting the environment and investing in renewable resources are among our highest priorities. We currently maintain chain of custody certifications with the Forest Stewardship Council©, the SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY INITIATIVE©, and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification... Learn more

Eric Platou