A Joint Venture Partnership of Hilco Industrial, The Branford Group and North East Printing Machinery has, as of 6/25/18, purchased essentially all of the assets of Edwards Brothers Malloy. For those of you who are wishing to place an order or reprint, please check back in the next few days as the team is working diligently to transition this work to a new platform and hope to have it up and running shortly. In addition, the JVP team is selling select machinery and equipment assets, if you may have interest in purchasing something from the vast EBM inventory of state of the art equipment, please contact Joe Koravos of North East Printing Machinery by email at joek@nepminc.com. Thank you for your past and future support.

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We've just received the new edition of "Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance"
and it is another stunning example of why we trust Edwards Brothers Malloy as our printing partner. Each new Zinn edition is its own adventure; this one ran to 464 pages with a two-color interior and a metallic fifth color on the cover. Eight thousand copies later, the result is stunning: Excellent registration, perfect crossovers, crisp binding, and a handsome addition to the long line of Zinn manuals.Malloy as our printing partner

- Ted Costantino, VeloPress
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Sandy Clack

Sandy Clack

Customer Service Representative

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I started with Edwards Brothers Malloy in 1985. Prior to becoming a CSR, I performed a number of different jobs at Edwards Brothers Malloy. I started out as a part-time Homeworker doing text layout. From this position I moved to a full-time trainer position which I did for several years on-site and also at our local community college. After training new employees for several years, I moved to a cover layout position which was so much fun. With changes in technology and the decline of the traditional layout methods I moved to our plate area for my next phase within the company. New technology once again changed the dynamics of the job I was currently holding . Learning new equipment and also training employees became an important role of this position as well.

With the startup of our Digital Center in North Carolina a few years later, I took on the role of our first Digital Customer Service Representative. The challenges involved in this new era for the company such as helping to set up new procedures, have produced many rewards. Within the last couple of years I have added offset order entry/customer service as part of my role. I also train other customer service employees on our Digital Centers. I enjoy working with people and developing those relationships with our customers and also my family here at Edwards Brothers Malloy.


Committed to the Environment

At Edwards Brothers Malloy, we are committed environmental stewards. Protecting the environment and investing in renewable resources are among our highest priorities. We currently maintain chain of custody certifications with the Forest Stewardship Council©, the SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY INITIATIVE©, and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification... Learn more