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I can't thank Stephanie Barker, Ben Mattison, and the rest of the Edwards Brothers Malloy crew enough for their work in printing Rebel Puritan. Self-publishing is a complicated, daunting process, but you and your company got me through it with prompt and clear assistance. The Edwards Brothers Malloy templates and portals made it easy for this novice to create a beautiful book which I am proud to put on my shelf, and to offer for sale.Self-publishing is a complicated, daunting process

- Jo Ann Butler, Neverest Press

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For many years prior to the merger between Edwards Brothers and Malloy Incorporated, both organizations produced newsletters for friends, families, current and prospective customers.  Here you will find archived copies of both the EB Browser and the Malloy Quarterly published prior to February 2012. 

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At Edwards Brothers Malloy, we are committed environmental stewards. Protecting the environment and investing in renewable resources are among our highest priorities. We currently maintain chain of custody certifications with the Forest Stewardship Council©, the SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY INITIATIVE©, and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification... Learn more