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I just received my Malloy Quarterly, and I was blown away by the many exciting Malloy initiatives announced in this newsletter. All of the “Title Support Services” advances are timely, exciting, and important. The “Zero Landfill Status” is an important accomplishment. The report on Malloy’s 2009 and 2010 Grand Challenges is terrific. And your new and improved website will be the culmination of a lot of work.I was blown away by the many exciting Malloy initiatives

- Steve Piersanti, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.


a study of offset printing vs digital printing

Offset Printing vs Digital Printing Case Study

If you only look at unit cost when considering offset printing vs digital printing, you may be spending too much. A better way to look at it is to consider the total cost of acquiring, shipping, and storing that inventory over the life of the title. Considering the cost of unsold inventory and the impact it has on cash flow, any change in efficiency in managing inventory can help you improve your bottom line on every title you publish.

Assumptions for our Offset vs Digital Printing Case Study

  • 6x9, 264-page book, soft bound, 4-color cover
  • Print quantities: 750 offset vs. 400 digital (two print runs of 200 each)
  • Quantity sold after 20 months: 400

Analyze the Difference

  • Printing offset will cost $2.31 per unit vs. $3.60 per unit for digital, but when you factor in the unsold offset units, the offset per unit sold cost is actually $4.33, 20% higher than the digital sold cost per unit.
  • You also save $292 by printing two runs of 200 copies digitally vs. printing 750 offset units and scrapping 350 unsold units.
After 20 Months
Units Sold Units Unsold Total Cost Price Per Unit - Bought Price per Unit- Sold
Offset 400 350 $1,732 2.31 4.33
Digital 400 0 $1,440 3.60 3.60
Savings with Digital : $292

Committed to the Environment

At Edwards Brothers Malloy, we are committed environmental stewards. Protecting the environment and investing in renewable resources are among our highest priorities. We currently maintain chain of custody certifications with the Forest Stewardship Council©, the SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY INITIATIVE©, and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification... Learn more

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