Un-marketable Customer Books Don’t Leave Our Facility In One Piece

Our customer’s content is their bread and butter.  Edwards Brothers Malloy takes every precaution to ensure that our customer’s un-usable books do not escape our facilities–at least not in one piece.  We recently installed the Vecoplan Shredder which can eat 300 pounds of books in about 30 minutes.  Installed in early 2012, the Vecoplan Shredder is currently in a testing phase. Once the set up becomes more automated, virtually every work area at the Jackson Road facility will dump un-marketable books into the shredder.

Every print job has some amount of books produced that for some reason will not be given to the customer.  They may not be manufactured as specified, they may be extras, or they may have some defect that is not acceptable to our high-quality standards.  Even though these books cannot be sold to the open market, they can still be read and any premature and unintended release can often damage a customer’s bottom line.  This is especially true for popular trade or text books.

The Vecoplan Shredder enables Edwards Brothers Malloy to completely destroy books not intended for sale yet still retain the material for recycling.  The shredder is connected directly to the compactors in the rear of the Jackson Road facility which also collect scrap material from other parts of the facility.  Press operators simply throw make-ready and whole books into the bin attached to the shredder and hit the button.  The shredder then goes to work grinding books down to 3 inch pieces and sending them into the compactors.

At Edwards Brothers Malloy we take the security of our customer’s content very seriously.  One of our goals for every customer is to take proactive steps to ensure that the only books that leave our facility are going to the rightful owner.  The Vecoplan Shredder is yet another addition to the equipment line-up we have to make our customer’s jobs easier.

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