The Similarities Continue

FSC certified paperEnvironmental initiatives continue to be a large part of our business.

After the combination of the two companies, the certifications and claim-to-environmental-fame that both companies had before needed to be looked at again.

Book manufacturers do not always follow the same set of environmental standards however both Edwards Brothers and Malloy Incorporated had very similar approaches to protecting the environment.

PEFC, SFI and FSC Certification

Before the merger, both businesses had their own set of certifications that governed the use of paper as well as practices for recycling materials.  SFI, FSC and PEFC certifications ensure that paper products are made from sources that practice sustainability.

Surprisingly, not much was different between the two organizations as both were certified in their own right with these non-profit organizations.  The similarities include:

  • Recycled papers carried in stock
  • PEFC, SFI and FSC certified paper.
  • Text and cover papers that are SFI and FSC certified carried in stock.
  • Use soy and vegetable oil-based inks.
  • Use water-based inks.
  • Proofs sent as soft copies whenever possible, reducing the materials and energy utilized to create proofs and the energy needed for transporting hard copy proofs to customers.
  • Digital Short Run product offerings which create less paper waste than standard offset printing.

Some notable differences in recycling are that the Jackson Road plant had achieved Zero Landfill status with virtually all manufacturing and employee waste being recycled.

While the former Edwards Brothers operation was not at this level, it was still recycling more than 97% of waste.

Before the merger, the Jackson Road facility had a very small digital printing operation with only several hundred orders per year while the former Edwards Brothers had one of the largest digital foot prints in North America.

This enables Edwards Brothers Malloy to cut out make-ready waste on even more customer jobs than the Jackson Road facility could on its own.

Like in many other areas of business, both companies bring strengths to the table.  Such is the case with environmental initiatives.

In the near future those strengths will be combined so that Edwards Brothers Malloy can become one of the most eco-friendly book manufacturers in North America.

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