Saving Text Documents to RIP ready Files

Depending on the software you are using, creating print ready files can be an enigma.  With all the various software programs out there and different platforms on which they run, it can be challenging to create files that work well with our workflow.

Currently we prefer to receive print ready files exported from Quark Express or InDesign.  Many of our customers use older versions of these programs and on our website we provide tons of information for converting text to PDF.

Which Program Are You Using?

If you are using current or older versions of Quark Express, InDesign, PageMaker and Acrobat Distiller, we can provide instructions on creating print ready files.

We have instructions that are applicable whether you created your content on a Mac or a PC.  In some programs such as Acrobat Distiller 7, there is what Adobe calls “Adobe PDF Settings”.

These settings are groups of job options.  There are 4 default job options in Adobe Distiller 7.  Other programs have their own default job options and you may have some that you have installed yourself.

We also have a proprietary setting that is best for our particular workflow.  You can download and install it based on which program that you are using.

To view detailed instructions on exporting text from these programs please view our Guidelines & Information page.  On this page you can also download job options for your particular program in order to optimize your documents for our workflow.

If you have more questions about preparing print ready files, please contact your sales or service representative.

Have you ever experienced problems submitting files to your printer?  Are you able to find adequate information on how to convert your files?

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