Refurbishing a Four Color Printing Press

A Concrete pad was laid for the new four color printing press

Here you can see a concrete pad that was laid for the new four color printing press to be installed on.

Assembling a printing press is no easy task.  A couple of months ago, the company purchased a 4-color press so that we could begin offering 4-color text printing to our customers.  The process is much more involved than one would think.


While the press undergoes a rigorous cleaning process, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done to get ready for its arrival.  A huge concrete slab had to be poured in the floor where the new press will sit.  Many of the presses that we have utilize both electricity and natural gas to do their job.  Luckily the electrical work that was already in place was sufficient to run the new press.

The Press

Clean cylinders of four color printing press

A shot of the interior of our new four color printing press after it has been cleaned using a dry ice method.

The sheetfed press itself is a monster.  Weighing in at more than 65,000 pounds, it will take two semi-trucks to deliver.  Although the press is pre-owned, it has been completely refurbished.  The entire assembly was dismantled and cleaned using a dry ice method.  It got a fresh coat of paint and new insignia.  Upon its arrival in Ann Arbor this coming January, a crew of two to three workers will spend about three weeks assembling and calibrating the press so that it can be put into service.  Although a printing press has millions of parts, there are 4 to 5 basic assemblies that will be joined together.  After assembly is complete, the press with paper loaded on it will weigh approximately 65,000 pounds.

Interior of 4 color press

Here you can see buildup of grime and ink that was revealed once the press was disassembled.

Interior of four color printing press

After a thorough cleaning using a dry ice method, the machine is restored to showroom condition.

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