Readers Love Their Books

Over the past several years, electronic publishing and reading formats have signaled the end of book publishing and printing.  As time drags on however, that never seems to happen.  The infographic below featured on Forbes and charted by Statista shows some interesting preferences of internet related to how they read.   Many people who are avid internet users are still in favor of traditional books.

The data shows that 46% of internet users read print books exclusively compared to only 6% who only read eBooks.  What’s more interesting is that eBook sales in the United States are starting to plateau.  A flurry of technological advances in recent years backed by intense marketing buzz has generated a lot of interest and adoption for eBooks.  Now that people are getting comfortable with the devices and the platforms where content can be purchased, do we really see them as a medium that will supplant the printed word?  The data is telling us no.

There is no doubt that a fundamental shift in publishing and printing is well under way.  Printers and traditional publishers have been forced to adapt but it also seems that there will always be a place for the printed word in a world of the internet and eReaders just as there is a place for radio in a world of online streaming and television.


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