Help for New Publishers

Whether you are new to publishing or just new to our company, we would like to provide you with some helpful information.

Getting your book ready to go to the printer

Ann Arbor Book PrinterAt Edwards Brothers Malloy we appreciate the time, effort, and work that goes into your book before we get the chance to become involved. Here are some topics that we often get questions about and where to find the answers:

If you have not already had a quotation prepared on your title, this would be the time to have one done.

If your specifications are not firm yet, we can still quote on your tentative specifications and offer prices for alternative specifications as well. Go to our website and the Quote Request page.

ISBN’s and bar codes – We have a Fact Sheet dedicated solely to this topic.

Preparing print-ready files – The digital file formats that we support at our facilities are most likely the same formats most other book printers support.

We prefer PDF files for the text and native application and PDF files for the color component (cover, dust jacket, color insert, etc.).

You can find more information about print ready files here. For in- depth information please contact a sales or customer service representative.

Design and production for your book – Working with a designer or production person can make the job of transforming your manuscript or Word document to book much easier. If you need help preparing print-ready files, your Sales Rep can refer you to a design or production professional.

Building the specifications for your book:

Get A Book PrintedIn order to make your book the way you want it, the printer has to know many details about your book.

A few examples of specifications are: what it looks like, trim size and number of pages, what kind of paper the text and cover will be printed on, if you want to see and approve proofs, where you want the books shipped, and how you want them shipped.

Our order form contains a place for you to enter most of the specifications that we will follow as we manufacture your book. It may seem like a lot of detail but it is all necessary information to insure that the final product is what you want, when you want it, and where you want it.

Your book is ready, now what?

When your book is ready to go to the printer, the following is important information to have and instructions to follow on how to get “the ball rolling”.

Quantity: We must have your firm quantity to get underway. When your quantity is firm, we can proceed with ordering paper and any other necessary materials for your title.

Our order form includes a place for you to enter your firm quantity or you can include it in your purchase order.

Schedule: Our normal schedules are 3 weeks for soft cover books and 4 weeks for adhesive casebound books, from receipt of trouble-free files to bound books and includes time for proofs for approval with a 3 day turnaround.

During certain times of the year schedules may be shorter or longer. The best policy is to have us schedule your title in our system as far in advance as is practical, to insure that you get the best possible schedule. Work with your sales rep to get the schedule that fits your needs.

Sending your title to Edwards Brothers Malloy: You can send your files to us on a disk or electronically.

We recommend using our InSite portal, a secure high speed Internet connection from you to us. We offer our customers greater security with your unique account that transmits your files directly to our Prepress server.

Contact your sales or customer service rep if you do not already have access to our InSite portal. We also request that when you transmit your PDF files to us, you send us pagination for the entire text.

If you are sending us native application files, we require that hard copy accompany your title. If hard copy does not accompany your files, we cannot be responsible for content incorporated in the file, whether desired or undesired.

Getting your book into the marketplace once it is complete:

Your books are done and in the Edwards Brothers Malloy shipping department ready to ship. There are still decisions to be made that we can assist with.

Book FulfillmentShipping and handling: We have an experienced shipping department that will arrange to have your book shipped via your preferred method to their destination.

Edwards Brothers Malloy has one of the largest digital footprints in the United States. Using our digital printing services, you books will be printed as close to their final destination as possible, saving you time and money on shipping.

Fulfillment: Skip the hassle of storing and distributing your books and let us do it for you. Edwards Brothers Malloy features fulfillment services for our customers. We have thousands of square feet of storage space and can ship books to your customers quickly and easily. For more information on our fulfillment services, contact your sales or customer service representative.

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