Promoting Your Book Through Free and Paid eBook Submission Platforms

New authors need as much free exposure as possible to promote their book.  Social media and blogging can help but offering your title for free in the form of an ebook can get you a lot further.  Check out these free and paid ebook submission services for marketing your new title.


Scribed is one of the world’s largest book membership services.

They have an established reader base of about 80 million monthly readers and they specialize in helping authors get exposure for their work.  You can upload content for free to Scribed and even get paid when people read it.  Some of the good parts about Scribed for authors are that they do not have to have their content in a sophisticated format (a Word doc will work) and they can potentially make money.repositories of ebooks and other written works (according to their about page).  Users of the platform can create an account and read content that they love.  Authors can submit their work to the site.


Book Marketing Tools

This is a paid service that specializes in helping authors market their titles online.  Aside from tons of free and helpful content on the site, there is an eBook submission tool that uploads your content to dozens of sites in just a handful of minutes.

There are various pricing levels but no matter which one you choose, the first month is only about 5 bucks.  There are lots of other great things offered by Book Marketing Tools that can help your title get off the ground.

Digital Book Today

Digital Book TodayThis is a site started by a book industry veteran for independent authors to promote their work.  Like some other eBook submission sites, authors can submit their work and potentially make it onto featured lists.  Submissions are free and authors can submit as many works as they want.

Digital Book Today also has a variety of paid options you can choose from.  Authors can do display ads on the site or get on the featured list.  Instead of paid ads, they can also do guest posts on the organization’s blog.

eReader News Today

eReader News Today LogoThis site isn’t as popular as the others mentioned but it is free and the more places you can promote your work the better.  Authors can upload eBooks for free to the site and users subscribe via RSS feeds.

The eReader News Today site also has some inexpensive paid options for promoting your book.  Depending on the genre and type of promotion, prices can range from 15 to 120 dollars.

Ignite Your Book

Like other services there are free and paid options with Ignite Your eBook.  The service was started by the marketing team at Author Marketing Experts and (like other services) is deisgned to help authors get more exposure for their work.

If you don’t have a lot of budget to work with, you can use the free option but there are some very clear limitations laid out.

  • You can only submit a book that is currently available on Amazon
  • Any book you submit can only be listed once
  • You have to offer the book for free for the whole time it is listed
  • The listing period is only 14 days

If you do a little research online, you’ll see that there are tons of places where you can submit your eBook.  Some are free and some are paid but most importantly you want to be sure that you are submitting to a reputable company.  Read the fine print and make sure you aren’t being taken for a ride.

Here is another list of free eBook and content submission sites that you can use to get yourself more exposure as a self-publisher.

What websites do you use to promote your titles?  Join in the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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