Is Print Dead?

With all the eThis and eThat news you would think that the printed word died long ago.  If you live in a world where all the content you receive is digitized, it is easy to think this way.

Publishers and content creators are latching onto the phenomenal growth that eBooks have seen in recent years (over 200% to be exact).

Stories of authors who have struck gold from offering eBook only content spur the conception that print is on life support and society is about to pull the plug.

However, print isn’t dead yet. If you are a content creator or publisher, ignoring the print market (which is still an 80 billion dollar industry) could mean a lot of lost sales.

Instead, use alternative measures for lowering costs such as digital printing in small quantities in order to control inventories.  The following infographic by Brian Young from Sketchee provides an interesting look at both sides of the print/eContent debate.

Information available about the market for print suggests that deciding not to put content in print form means missing out on a lot of money.

Edwards Brothers Malloy provides digital short run and fulfillment services to help content creators manage inventory and keep costs low.

Although there is a lot of information to support both sides, there may not be a clear answer as to whether print is really in as bad of shape as everyone says it.

What are your thoughts on the matter?  Is print still something that all content creators and publishers should invest in?  Will ebooks overtake printed books in the near future?

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