People Read More Now Than In The 1950’s

BooksDid you know that the number of people who said they have been reading a book or novel recently is about 30 percentage points higher than in 1952?

Wait a minute that has to be wrong.  In 1952 television was not wide spread, there was certainly no internet or any of the secondary content access services and devices that utilize it.

Books and novels were one of the few forms of in-home entertainment available.

So why were less people reading them?  This statement contradicts popular belief that television, internet, social media, cell phones and myriad other forms of technology have all but erased societies’ desire to crack open a good book and read.

A recent Gallup Poll survey reported that “47% of adults [said] they are presently reading a book, up from 37% who reported that in 1990, and 23% in 1957”.

These stats were first reported in an article in The Atlantic highlighting the argument that the increased ease of access and distribution of content that the internet has created is responsible for people reading less traditional forms of media, i.e. books and novels.

So if the internet is responsible for less people reading traditional books, why are so many reporting the opposite?

Did they not understand the question?  Are people reading books on a computer screen and calling it a novel or a book?

The article in The Atlantic points out another very interesting phenomenon.  In the past decade it has become exponentially easier for authors, talented or not, to distribute their content to thousands or even millions of readers.

New channels of communication have broken down the barriers between content creators and the gate keepers of mass distribution, namely publishers.

Social media, on demand book printing, and a wealth of free information from industry players that can be found online has made it easier than ever before for content to move from its source to the end user.

Whatever the cause for the increase in readership, the internet doesn’t seem to be killing literary desires.

In fact, thanks to advancements in printing and computer technology, more people than ever before are able to realize their dream of professional authorship.

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Thanks to streamlined internet enabled technologies, authors are able to send print ready files to our facilities instantaneously.

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