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As Edwards Brothers and Malloy merge into a single entity customers of the former brands are becoming aware of new tools and information that they may not have known about before.

This is especially true for the corporate website.  While the site is still in a transitional phase, there are tons of tools and information that customers can take advantage of right now.

Book Printing Fact Sheet Archive

book printing tipsCustomers of both the former brands may not have been aware of our fact sheet archive.

The archive is a treasure trove of information related to book manufacturing.

Customers can view information about fulfillment, digital and offset printing capabilities, guidelines for file submission, and much more.

The usefulness of some information may depend upon which facility you are having your books manufactured at however in general these are great references.

For specific information about your book printing job, contact the customer service representative where you are having your job printed.

Environmentally Sound Book Manufacturing

FSC, SFI, and PEFC CertificationMany of our customers inquire about the steps Edwards Brothers Malloy is taking to reduce its impact on the environment.

In the near future, the new company will have a single location for all information related to this topic.

Characteristics of environmental initiatives were already very similar in regards to both businesses before the merger.

Information about FSC, SFI and PEFC certifications as well as general information can be found on our environmental commitment page.

Industry Links

We are working diligently to identify best practices as we meld these two successful businesses into one.  Our main goal is to maintain the same level of service for all customers and ensure a smooth transition over the weeks and months to come.


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Don’t Focus On Unit Cost

Of all the elements that buyers focus on when getting books printed, unit cost seems to be the most pervasive.

It is understandable that this element receives a lot of attention.  For many content creators and smaller publishers, this number can be a key indicator of how much it is costing them to bring their book to market.

Unit cost fluctuates with volume and coming up with this number can be a complicated process.  Unit cost can help determine part of your overall costs however there can sometimes be hidden long term expenses.

Unit Cost Of Printing a Book Can Be Misleading

Many self-publishers like to know the unit cost of their books to try and compare it to the list price they plan to sell their books for.

If these individuals are thoughtful, they will incorporate costs for editing, design, shipping and other expenses associated with bringing their book to market.

There are often hidden costs that can cause that low unit price you received to actually rise without you even knowing it.

For instance if a person prints 5,000 books hoping they will all sell and ends up having to store 2,000 of them in a warehouse for additional costs, this increases the overall unit cost per book.

Say a portion of those books never sells and they have to be recycled.  Even if you did the design and editing work yourself and used your own home for storage, there are still lost opportunity costs associated with your work.

Focus On Your Bottom Line With Digital Printing Services

We encourage people to look at the bigger picture when they first receive a quote for a quantity of books.

Do not operate under hopes and assumptions.  Make sure that you will be able to sell the quantities that you have ordered.

Increasing print volume to drive unit price down is not a good idea because that same price can increase much more in the long term if inventory is damaged or lost in storage or has to be thrown out.

There are also many options for managing these types of inventory issues.  Edwards Brothers Malloy provides short run services in 11 locations around the U.S. and in the U.K.

We also provide Print on Demand services out of 4 of those locations.  Printing exactly what you need when you need it is the most cost effective way to do business.

Edwards Brothers Malloy helps customers manage their print needs using the Life of Title® philosophy.


Click here to learn more about our digital short run services or read our Life of Title® case study.

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We Make Books

Edwards Brothers Malloy Book PrintingIf you asked anyone that works for Edwards Brothers Malloy about what the company does, the likely answer that you would receive is that we make books.

The core business here is the manufacturing of books, journals, catalogs and other book-like items.

So yes it is true that we do make books but the real value to our customers is not just that we make them books but how we accomplish this.

There Are No “One Size Fits All” Book Printing Services

Many businesses focus on a specific market and are not always set up for customers outside of that segment.

In fact, they may even turn people away that are trying to give them money for doing a job.  It is often impossible to service every single customer need.

We cannot claim to do this however a unique feature of Edwards Brothers Malloy is that we can print books for customers who need tens of thousands of copies or for those who may only want one.

Online tools give real time information to large publishers and peace of mind to smaller content creators.  Our expansive equipment capabilities allow us to manufacture virtually any book product that our customers need.

Our digital printing services have become very sophisticated allowing us to print customers books to match demand.

We Do More Than Just Make Books

While our primary service is offset and digital book printing, we provide our customers with other services that are equally important.

Our fulfillment solutions help publishers of all sizes service their customers much easier.  With ample storage space, cutting edge online inventory tools and dedicated employees, we fulfill millions of book orders every year.

We also provide eBook conversion services for our customers which includes distribution to major eBook retailers.

When you shop for a book printer, what do you look for?  Do you look for more than a manufacturer?

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How Do I Know How Much To Print?

In today’s uncertain economic climate, it is understandable that publishers and content creators do not want to get stuck holding the bag. Effectively managing inventories is crucial for success.

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