The Similarities Continue

FSC certified paperEnvironmental initiatives continue to be a large part of our business.

After the combination of the two companies, the certifications and claim-to-environmental-fame that both companies had before needed to be looked at again.

Book manufacturers do not always follow the same set of environmental standards however both Edwards Brothers and Malloy Incorporated had very similar approaches to protecting the environment.

PEFC, SFI and FSC Certification

Before the merger, both businesses had their own set of certifications that governed the use of paper as well as practices for recycling materials.  SFI, FSC and PEFC certifications ensure that paper products are made from sources that practice sustainability.

Surprisingly, not much was different between the two organizations as both were certified in their own right with these non-profit organizations.  The similarities include:

  • Recycled papers carried in stock
  • PEFC, SFI and FSC certified paper.
  • Text and cover papers that are SFI and FSC certified carried in stock.
  • Use soy and vegetable oil-based inks.
  • Use water-based inks.
  • Proofs sent as soft copies whenever possible, reducing the materials and energy utilized to create proofs and the energy needed for transporting hard copy proofs to customers.
  • Digital Short Run product offerings which create less paper waste than standard offset printing.

Some notable differences in recycling are that the Jackson Road plant had achieved Zero Landfill status with virtually all manufacturing and employee waste being recycled.

While the former Edwards Brothers operation was not at this level, it was still recycling more than 97% of waste.

Before the merger, the Jackson Road facility had a very small digital printing operation with only several hundred orders per year while the former Edwards Brothers had one of the largest digital foot prints in North America.

This enables Edwards Brothers Malloy to cut out make-ready waste on even more customer jobs than the Jackson Road facility could on its own.

Like in many other areas of business, both companies bring strengths to the table.  Such is the case with environmental initiatives.

In the near future those strengths will be combined so that Edwards Brothers Malloy can become one of the most eco-friendly book manufacturers in North America.

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Un-marketable Customer Books Don’t Leave Our Facility In One Piece

Our customer’s content is their bread and butter.  Edwards Brothers Malloy takes every precaution to ensure that our customer’s un-usable books do not escape our facilities–at least not in one piece.  We recently installed the Vecoplan Shredder which can eat 300 pounds of books in about 30 minutes.  Installed in early 2012, the Vecoplan Shredder is currently in a testing phase. Once the set up becomes more automated, virtually every work area at the Jackson Road facility will dump un-marketable books into the shredder.

Every print job has some amount of books produced that for some reason will not be given to the customer.  They may not be manufactured as specified, they may be extras, or they may have some defect that is not acceptable to our high-quality standards.  Even though these books cannot be sold to the open market, they can still be read and any premature and unintended release can often damage a customer’s bottom line.  This is especially true for popular trade or text books.

The Vecoplan Shredder enables Edwards Brothers Malloy to completely destroy books not intended for sale yet still retain the material for recycling.  The shredder is connected directly to the compactors in the rear of the Jackson Road facility which also collect scrap material from other parts of the facility.  Press operators simply throw make-ready and whole books into the bin attached to the shredder and hit the button.  The shredder then goes to work grinding books down to 3 inch pieces and sending them into the compactors.

At Edwards Brothers Malloy we take the security of our customer’s content very seriously.  One of our goals for every customer is to take proactive steps to ensure that the only books that leave our facility are going to the rightful owner.  The Vecoplan Shredder is yet another addition to the equipment line-up we have to make our customer’s jobs easier.

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Guaranteed & Expedited Schedules

Sometimes our customers just need a ton of books right away.  Managing inventory using POD or short run solutions is very effective but what if you need 7,000 books in a week?  Printing that kind of volume quickly isn’t easy and many Edwards Brothers Malloy customers have made use of our Title Support Services offering which features expedited reprint and new title schedules.

What Is Title Support Services?

Title Support Services is a mix of innovative solutions designed to help publishers cope with increasing uncertainty in the book market. This unique service allows publishers and content creators to:

•    Quickly and easily respond to spikes in demand
•    Cost effectively restock inventory across a broad range of quantities
•    Save time and money with automated transactions
•    Eliminate unnecessary shipping & handling

Expedited Reprint

Once a customer has received approval from their customer service representative and Edwards Brothers Malloy has print ready files in hand, reprints can be generated in as few as 3 days (paperback) and 5 days (hardcover) whenever needed without pre-scheduling.

Expedited Book Printing

Once files have been cleared as print-ready by both the publisher and Edwards Brothers Malloy Preflight department, and with prior approval from a CSR; new titles can be printed in as few as 3 days (paperback) and 5 days (hardcover).  For more information check our Guaranteed and Expedited Schedules fact sheet.

As the printing and publishing industries experience a transition, our goal is to help publishers maximize their potential.  Expedited schedules allow our customers to meet demand quickly without sacrificing quality.  For more information on expedited scheduling, contact your sales or customer service representative today.

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Our Philosophy On Printing

Using shorter runs is an increasingly popular method for reducing costs associated with inventory.  Publishers must do a balancing act and often make crucial decisions on whether to keep a title in print or keep it out of inventory.  One wrong move means lost revenue if there is a spike in demand or increased cost if orders don’t come in as anticipated.

Life of Title® Philosophy


Edwards Brothers Malloy Life of TitleThe Edwards Brothers Malloy Life of Title® philosophy and suite of services helps publishers avoid these stressful business decisions altogether.  Using this approach, titles never go out of print, revenue opportunities are maximized on every sale, purchasing decisions are easier, there are cost savings on inventory and cash flow can be used more productively.

Book Printing Realities

  • Studies show that for every 14 dollars spent on printing, publishers spend another 96 dollars on items like warehousing, administration and destroying obsolete editions (source: CAP Ventures 2003).


  • In 2006, 950,000 titles out of 1.2 million tracked by Nielsen BookScan sold fewer than 95 copies.  Another 200,000 sold fewer than 1,000 copies and only 25,000 sold more than 5,000 copies.


  • The average book in America sells about 500 copies.

The questions that publishers and content creators often ask themselves are how do I decide how many to reprint?  When I order a reprint, how long is it expected to last? How many titles do I have in inventory and how much is it costing me?  How much revenue is being lost due to orders that cannot be filled because I don’t have the product?

With Edwards Brothers Malloy digital printing capabilities coupled with our Life of Title® philosophy, answers to these questions are often easier to find.  Our customers also find that they are no longer asking them.

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