Why Can’t I Perform Certain Tasks with Insite?

kodak insite prepress portal graphicThe Kodak Insite Prepress Portal is an online tool used by many printers to manage print workflow.  As with any software that is comprehensive and advanced, there is a learning curve involved.

Some customers find that they can do certain tasks within the program whereas they are not allowed to use other features on their own.  This is because there are very detailed user roles that can be set up within InSite.


InSite allows faster turnaround of prepress files by giving users the opportunity to review and approve proofs of print jobs.

With the diffusion of responsibility that many publishers utilize, it is not always practical to give one user complete control over the work flow.

User roles allow people to perform specific responsibilities without being involved (or given access to) other tasks in the workflow.  User roles can be determined both at a customer account level (for all jobs) as well as on a job by job basis.

Each printer can customize InSite with their own specific user roles however in general there are tiered levels.

A typical user role hierarchy might look like this,


  • Can upload, arrange and view pages in a job.
  • Use Smart Review and Preview to view soft proofs.
  • Annotate pages
  • Download PDF soft proofs.
  • Download files posted by the printer.


  • Can view pages.
  • Use Smart Review and Preview to view soft proofs.
  • Annotate pages.
  • Download PDF soft proofs.


  • Upload and view pages

Note that any amount of user roles could be created to fit a specific workflow however if you are a user of the InSite Prepress Portal and you do not see a feature that you know should be there, chances are your user role was designed not to see that option.

Do you use the Kodak InSite Prepress portal for your print work?  What other questions do you have about the system?

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When You Succeed, We Succeed

Print is not alone in the arena of services that are highly technical and sensitive to buyer needs.  It is a service that requires a lot of data and education in order to purchase.  For these reasons, it is imperative for publishers to develop strong relationships with print vendors.  As a printer, if we can help our customers succeed then we will also succeed.  The following elements are very important when building a relationship with your book printer.

Education and Training

Finding a print vendor that can help you understand why a process is necessary, how different equipment can affect quality or any other aspect about the manufacturing of books goes a long way toward building a healthy relationship.  Publishers are often left frustrated when they cannot understand why a particular ship date wasn’t met or why their books don’t look as promised.  Sometimes a little education about the manufacturing process can shed light on otherwise ambiguous explanations.  Find a printer that will allow you to tour their facilities or that provides educational courses on basic aspects of the book manufacturing business.  Education on the manufacturing process allows publishers to plan effectively and deal with problems more quickly when they arise.


It doesn’t matter if you are talking about a relationship with a spouse or one between a customer and a multi-million dollar organization, communication is key for the relationship to thrive and grow.  When there is little or no communication between the parties in any kind of relationship, each side is left to make its own assumptions of what the other is thinking which almost always ends badly.  Publishers will be far more successful with vendors that keep open lines of communication or that provide tools for the open sharing of information, even if the news is not good sometimes.

Guidance On How To Use Capabilities

Just because you have the most advanced tool in your garage, does not mean you will know what to use it for.  Publishers may see a new service from printers, want to take advantage of it, but have no idea how.  Printers can help their customers determine if a capability they possess can help in some way.  Education on how machines work and what strengths they offer to publishers can go a long way toward helping them make the most of their time with a print vendor.

Realistic Expectations — Avoid The Printer That Over Promises and Under Delivers

Publishers should investigate print capabilities with more scrutiny.  While many printers know the quality and speed their equipment is capable of, sometimes these numbers can be misleading.  For example some publishers may visit trade shows or conventions to see the capabilities of a particular piece of equipment.  Demonstrations are often setup using optimal conditions and material and may not be reflective of the actual output of a machine for a publisher’s specific needs.  In other words, a piece of equipment may in fact be capable of producing at a certain speed and quality yet only if certain materials are used.  Get an estimate from your print partner about how long your particular job will take based on the materials you have selected.  If deadlines are a priority, find a printer that can do guaranteed or expedited schedules for your work.

Developing trustworthy and solid relationships with the vendors that help you succeed is very important for publishers.  If your vendors are late, then you will be late.  If they produce poor quality then you will produce poor quality.  Perhaps most importantly of all, if you don’t succeed, they won’t succeed.


Is developing and maintaining relationships with your print vendor important to you as a publisher or author?  What other aspects of a business relationship are important to you?

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Edwards Brothers Malloy Nominated for 2012 Deals of the Year Award

Deals of the YearAfter a whirlwind year of combining two large companies into one, we are flattered that our efforts are being recognized by the community. Edwards Brothers Malloy was recently nominated to receive an award at the 2012 Deals of the Year ceremony hosted by Mlive Media Group’s Ann Arbor.com. The event which was started in 2005 by the Ann Arbor Business Review, highlights companies who have made deals that create an enormous positive impact for their communities and the region. The winner will be announced November 2, 2012 at the ceremony held at Eastern Michigan University’s student center.

A driving factor in our nomination was the combination between Edwards Brothers and Malloy Incorporated.  The combination was announced in February of this year and was motivated by increased pressure on the printing and publishing industries from the proliferation of technologies such as tablets and eReaders. Some of the positive impacts of the combination were that both companies became stronger and hundreds of jobs were made more secure for members of our community. As we move forward, focusing on quality service and heavy investments in information technology will be what sets us apart from our competition and helps secure our place in a world of changing media consumption habits.

According to AnnArbor.com, Deals of the Year winners are kept secret until they are unveiled at the November 2, 2012 event. Governor Rick Snyder will be speaking and the event is hosted by radio personality Lucy Ann Lance. If you have never seen the Deal of the Year awards, check out the recap video below of the 2010 awards show.

Check out all the other local businesses that were nominated for this prestigious award!

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Edwards Brothers Malloy Mentioned in Scio Township Video

Our local community is a big part of our overall success in the book printing industry.  Edwards Brothers Malloy is proud to be mentioned in a short video produced by Scio Township along with several other local businesses in the area.

The 32 square mile township located just outside the Ann Arbor city limits wanted to draw attention to the many innovative businesses that have made their home there.  The Open Doors animated video shows current and prospective residents of Scio the “hidden gems” of their community.

Have you visited or do you live in Scio Township?  Let us know what your favorite businesses are in the area.

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