North Carolina Facility Pulls Off European Round

A Book with a European RoundMaking books with a European Round in the spine is not something a lot of American Book manufacturers have experience with.  The same was true for the men and women working on the Kolbus line in the bindery department at Edwards Brothers Malloy North Carolina.  Although it was their first time doing this kind of job, a little ingenuity and a lot of hard work and planning allowed them to pull it off without a hitch.

The North Carolina facility was selected to do the binding for this job because the Kolbus binding line had the European parts capable of producing the unique shape for the book required by the customer.  A handful of employees had also set aside time some years ago to travel to Europe for weeks at a time to be trained on the new equipment.

Through a process of trial and error and the dedication of the men and women in the North Carolina bindery, the facility was able to produce an excellent sample for the customer while significantly reducing setup time for a job that had never been done before at Edwards Brothers Malloy.  They learned that the glue normally used for marrying covers to book blocks would not be sufficient and found a substitute recommended by a vendor that was more flexible and that could withstand the rigorous heating process required for this bind style.

Preparation for this job required loads of planning with key employees adding extra hours to their daily routines.  Communication with management in Ann Arbor, MI and making sure everyone was in the loop about how the job was progressing was also a key factor in its success.  All of the employees involved in this particular job took on a personal responsibility for it and made sure it came out right.  In the end they produced more than a book with a special bind style; they had made a work of art.

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