MiiR Journals: A Mission Manufactured in the U.S.

Edwards Brothers Malloy has been a proud manufacturer of books in the United States for more than a century.  We often partner with local retailers who have a passion for selling products made in the U.S.  The same is true for MiiR Journals.

MiiR is a company with a mission to have a positive impact on their community. They are focused on sustainability, philanthropy and market-based solutions that empower others.

One of the company’s latest projects are sustainably produced journals manufactured right here in the United States by Edwards Brothers Malloy.  The video below gives more information about the journals as well as MiiR and Edwards Brothers Malloy.

Video Transcript

To me, ideas are funny.  Everyone has ideas.  But ideas are funny in that many people don’t do anything about them.  I think often times it’s simply because there’s little commitment to them.  Ideas are fleeting.  I’ve hear so many times I’ve had an idea first.  That’s great but did you do anything with the idea?

Putting pen to paper is the first step to committing to an idea or thought.  Journals represent that new commitment.  Each day is a chance to commit to your ideas. Your vision.  At MiiR, after we commit to an idea, we set out to make the best possible product and our journals are no different.

We went through dozens of paper weight options, paper shades, cover stock thickness, edge radius, binding glues, how the paper was harvested, and was it done so sustainably.  No detail was too small.  Even paper opacity had to be thought through before our logo could be placed onto it.

We looked internationally for a supplier but ended up finding a partner right here at home in the U.S.  Edwards Brothers Malloy has been making paper products since 1893.  That’s a lot of years of executing on an idea.  We were thrilled to find such an able-bodied partner to help us execute our idea of a better journal.  And we couldn’t be more happy with the result.


If I had not put pen to paper, MiiR would not exist.  The thing I love about journals is that the product has come full circle.  We’re now making a product in which MiiR was started from.  The very notion of product to project was written in a journal.  Many of our products were first designed in a journal. 

But starting is hard.  We need less talking and more doing.  I’m super guilty of that.  In the front we put a quote by Ben Franklin to help inspire action.  Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing. 

Make a commitment to creativity and put pen to paper.  Go make it happen.  Start something new.  Make a commitment that’s visible.  And with the new MiiR journals, our hope is that you do just that.


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