Edwards Brothers Malloy Supports Print Grows Trees

print grows treesWe are delighted to bring attention to an educational program called Print Grows Trees.

We are committed to practices that preserve our natural wood resources–we are a Zero Landfill company and certified by both the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

In fact, every time a publisher asks us to print either the FSC or SFI logo in one of their titles for the first time, Edwards Brothers Malloy will make a donation of $5 each to two land conservation organizations: The Nature Conservancy, and the Legacy Land Trust.

The educational program Print Grows Trees is headed by Print & Graphics Association MidAtlantic and focuses on dispelling the myth that print on paper destroys forests.  According to data published by the U.S. Forest Service, private land owners account for 92% of the wood harvested in the United States.

By having a market for wood, many private forest owners are able to maintain their land as forests, rather than having to convert their land to other uses. In this way, the market for paper and lumber products can help promote the expansion of forests, provided we make sure those forests are managed in a sustainable manner.

For that reason, Edwards Brothers Malloy stipulates to our suppliers that we want our paper made from wood harvested on lands certified by either FSC or SFI, signaling to our customers that the forests from which we derive our paper are being managed by people who work to replenish this renewable resource.

As Print Grows Trees points out, forests grown and cultivated for paper products are protected from deforestation caused by land development.

Print Grows Trees encourages both consumers and industry members to take a proactive stance on paper products.

We can all do our part by purchasing books and other paper products with the Forest Stewardship Council, PEFC and/or Sustainable Forestry Initiative logos on them. The overall goal of the program is to get consumers to “think before you don’t use print”.

Many consumers are unaware of printing’s positive role in forest preservation, were you?  Click here for more information about the organizations above.

Do you support businesses that have an interest in protecting the environment?  Join the conversation by commenting below.



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