Making the Fulfillment Video

Anne Maier

Anne Maier laughs between takes in her interview for the fulfillment video.

Its 2pm on a Thursday afternoon. Some of the folks in the payroll department walk by an office in fulfillment and do a double-take. Normally Anne Maier, Director of Fulfillment for Edwards Brothers Malloy would be working at her desk. Today they see what looks like a movie set with lights, a camera and Anne shooting an interview. It isn’t quite the set of a movie but the scene will be used in a video for the company’s fulfillment services. Video equipment, lighting and marketing or outside parties making videos has become a common sight around the facilities. The fulfillment video is just one more in a series of short videos that have been made to showcase Edwards Brothers Malloy.

Pat Heckaman

Pat Heckaman (our lighting technician) sets the stage in the main fulfillment work area.

Video is a big part of online marketing for business. When people use the internet, most of them spend the majority of their time either watching video or being on social media websites. Video is a great learning tool and it is also a great way to tell people about a business. For companies, you need to have buy-in from others in order to make something great. Fortunately for us, we have no shortage of people willing to help. The people that are shown in our videos work here every day and the people that help make them also work here. That is important to note because no one knows this business like the people who have helped build it.

Tom Allen

Tom Allen (Fulfillment supervisor) is ready for his debut.

It took about a month to get all the shots we needed to make the fulfillment video. We shot video in a number of different locations around the Jackson Road facility. In all, about 22 hours of footage were captured and edited in order to produce the final two minute video. “It’s amazing, the amount of time and effort that goes into making a simple 2 minute video,” says Anne. She’s right. In order for everything to come together, you have to think about lighting, sound, all the background noises and routines that have to be stopped in order to capture good video, etc. All of it has to be planned out in advance in order to make something professional.

Pat Heckaman

Pat is getting it just right.

Pat Heckaman

Pat checks the lighting on the camera (I fill in as subject).

Video has been a core part of our online presence since we started doing all this a couple of years ago and it remains as such. We have plans to make many more videos on a number of different topics so stay tuned!

Do you like it when companies use video to teach or inform? What are some of your favorite online videos? Join in the conversation by commenting below.

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