Cheap Logo Design for New Publishers

A logo is one of the most important aspects of a business’s image. It is usually the first communication we receive from a business that gives us a sense of who they are and what they are all about.

Some businesses spend millions on logo design but for many small publishers, access to resources like that are out of the question. Fortunately there are many free or low priced opportunities to get a top-notch logo.

Find Talent from Within

Life of Title

The Life of Title logo selected from employee submissions.

Leverage the talent from inside your own organization. Put the word out among employees that you are looking for logo design submissions.

Hold a contest and offer a prize or some other type of incentive for participation. Edwards Brothers Malloy used this very strategy when looking for a logo for our Life of Title service offering.

Employees submitted designs and one was chosen. The former Edwards Brothers also sponsored a logo design competition among employees for its 110th anniversary logo. Over 50 submissions were received.

Employees are typically excited to participate and offering a small prize for the winner of a submission contest may help spur participation. You may be surprised at the hidden talents of the members of your company.

Your Sphere of Influence

Edwards Brothers Malloy

The 110th Anniversary logo submitted by an employee

Perhaps you know friends or family members that are talented at design or art.

Even if you don’t select a design that someone you know has come up with, you could at least get some more ideas of what you want a logo to look like.

If you do decide to use a design that a friend, family member or employee has submitted to your business, it is important to gain legal rights to the design before you start using it.



Third Party Logo Competitions

If looking within your business or your personal network is not fruitful, there are a variety of innovative companies offering logo design services with a twist.

Sites like and feature plans where logo seekers can start a contest and offer a prize in exchange for logo submissions. for example allows users to start a contest and offer prizes that start at about 250 dollars. The more money you offer, the more and higher quality submissions you are likely to get.

The site is geared for business owners and it is helpful to submit as much information about the vision and culture of your company as possible. Businesses then review submissions and select a winner.

At Logo Arena, unless you receive less than 50 submissions, there is no refund even if the submissions are not to your liking. works in very much the same way with some small differences. If your business does not receive at least 30 submissions there is a money back guarantee.

The minimum prize amount is slightly higher at $275 and the company claims that you will start receiving submissions within hours of starting your contest.

Both sites promise full legal ownership once a logo is selected, vector logo files and the ability to see other contests live as submissions are coming in. This is a great way to get logos made by real designers at a fraction of the cost.

How did your company’s logo get designed? Are there other design services or ideas not mentioned here that your business has used?

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