IKEA Introduces The BookBook

Amazon’s base model Kindle can hold more than 1,400 titles. Internet enabled devices from big-name makers like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft can browse the web and access virtually any document ever published. Despite these technological feats there is still a demand for traditional print catalogues as was so humorously pointed out by IKEA’s Chief Design Guru Jorgen Eghammer.

Eghammer made a comical Youtube video in which he points out the advantages of the company’s 2015 product catalogue in a spoof of the successful Apple commercials. He highlights features such as the catalogue’s eternal battery life, a tactile touch interface and high-definition pages.

He also points out the share-ability of BookBook. In order for users to share it with their friends and family, they simply hand it over.

Eghammer isn’t the first to make light of a culture so pre-occupied with flashy new devices and by doing so he points out some glaring truths. Despite the amazing capabilities and pure genius of tech today, it still has not managed to supplant a content delivery device that has worked well for millennia.

If you liked that video you may also like the one below.

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