Helping Publishers To Be More Nimble

offset printing

One of our many Timsons web presses used for print runs of greater than 1,500 copies.

It is difficult to deny the shift in the demand for printed products like books.  Companies in the printing and publishing industries are always looking for ways to insulate themselves from the dangers of over production.  This notion falls even harder on publishers as they shoulder the loss when books are unsold by retailers.  While Edwards Brothers Malloy prints books for all kinds of customers, publishers remain our core business and we constantly search for ways to ease the pain caused by uncertain markets.  As a publisher, what if you could maintain the quality and accessibility of large print runs without actually printing and storing thousands of books that could potentially never sell?  Or what if you could have all the benefits of warehousing thousands of books without all the drawbacks?

Storage and fulfillment can save publishers tons of money, especially if they don’t have warehousing space of their own.  Maintaining a warehouse has many direct and indirect costs that aren’t always visible.  These could include labor for managing inventory, insurance, utilities, equipment maintenance, leasing fees and other fixed costs that must be paid if books are selling or not.  Using fulfillment allows publishers and even individual authors to avoid these costs and reap all the benefits at a nominal rate.

Printing large runs for some types of books is a method that is in decline.  The market simply doesn’t consume content in this way anymore and publishers need a way to be more nimble and eliminate the risk of carrying a gluttony of inventory.  They also need a way to capture sales of titles whose demand is still there but too low to warrant printing large runs.  Advances in digital print quality and EDI connections have made this concept attainable.  Traditionally, publishers would have a title go out of print if demand declined.  Today with print on demand and virtual warehousing options, it makes sense for companies to hold onto electronic files and print books only when there is demand for them.

Edwards Brothers Malloy offers fulfillment and print on demand services to publishers of all sizes.  In many cases, it is incredibly cost effective to have books printed at one of our facilities and then have them stored and shipped to your customers when orders come in.  Our print on demand services enable publishers to grab sales that otherwise would have been lost because a title went out of print.  Our digital print centers manage millions of order that come in annually from all over the globe.  To learn more about our fulfillment or print on demand services, please contact a sales or customer service representative.

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