Guaranteed & Expedited Schedules

Sometimes our customers just need a ton of books right away.  Managing inventory using POD or short run solutions is very effective but what if you need 7,000 books in a week?  Printing that kind of volume quickly isn’t easy and many Edwards Brothers Malloy customers have made use of our Title Support Services offering which features expedited reprint and new title schedules.

What Is Title Support Services?

Title Support Services is a mix of innovative solutions designed to help publishers cope with increasing uncertainty in the book market. This unique service allows publishers and content creators to:

•    Quickly and easily respond to spikes in demand
•    Cost effectively restock inventory across a broad range of quantities
•    Save time and money with automated transactions
•    Eliminate unnecessary shipping & handling

Expedited Reprint

Once a customer has received approval from their customer service representative and Edwards Brothers Malloy has print ready files in hand, reprints can be generated in as few as 3 days (paperback) and 5 days (hardcover) whenever needed without pre-scheduling.

Expedited Book Printing

Once files have been cleared as print-ready by both the publisher and Edwards Brothers Malloy Preflight department, and with prior approval from a CSR; new titles can be printed in as few as 3 days (paperback) and 5 days (hardcover).  For more information check our Guaranteed and Expedited Schedules fact sheet.

As the printing and publishing industries experience a transition, our goal is to help publishers maximize their potential.  Expedited schedules allow our customers to meet demand quickly without sacrificing quality.  For more information on expedited scheduling, contact your sales or customer service representative today.

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