Edwards Brothers Malloy Fulfillment Services

Video Transcript

Most publishers think of Edwards brothers malloy as a book printer.  What they might not know is that we’re a fulfillment company too.

If you print with us you get the first 30 days free storage.  The system that we use is web-based. Customers can get in there 24/7, during the week whenever they want.  They can see where their orders are at.  They can see it in real time.  Their inventory is real time.  That’s probably one of the biggest features that we offer and that most customers like.  The other is just our service.  They love the way we get the books out in a timely manner.  We have a 24 hour turn around rate but most books go out the same day.

Most of our orders are shipped within the 50 states but we do handle a fair number of overseas orders.  In fact, we’ve shipped books as far away as Australia.  We have over a million books in inventory, and last year we shipped over 800,000 books which averages out about 3,000 books a day.  We’ve got about 140 customers and they range in size from one title to many titles so we really do deal with a lot of different size publishers.

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