Edwards Brothers Malloy Talks Trash

sustainableIt is not often that we talk trash but we just couldn’t let this one go.  On July 5 of this year, we emptied our trash compactor that sits at the rear of the Jackson Road facility in Ann Arbor.  Up until then the compactor had been accumulating trash for an astounding 238 days!  Charlie Montgomery, our machine maintenance supervisor at the Jackson Road facility, has been closely tracking our recycling efforts at this particular location since September of 2009 and has been a leader for recycling initiatives in general at our company.  The graph below shows the dramatic change since recycling initiatives began.



The average daily trash added to the compactor at this facility was about 80.5 pounds or about 0.3426 pounds per person per day for the almost 8 month period.  To give you a little perspective, when we began the Zero Landfill project at Jackson Road 2 years ago, the average amount of trash per day was about 400 pounds.  In our first attempt back in 2009 when recycling bins were placed in strategic locations around the facility, we were able to reduce that number to 161 pounds.

To date we have reduced the amount of trash that leaves this facility by about 80%.  Employees are not required to participate but many do and they are the ones to thank for the success of this recycling plan.  Even vendors, sales persons and other visitors to the facility are encouraged to recycle the materials that they bring in from the outside.  The placement of recycling bins throughout the facility is designed to make it easy for people to participate.  Plans are already in the works to spread these recycling initiatives to more Edwards Brothers Malloy facilities.

Reducing the impact we have on our environment is a large part of the culture here at Edwards Brothers Malloy.  We hope to recreate our success at the Jackson Road facility at other locations in the years to come.

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