Are eBooks A Priority for Your Titles?

First time publishers and content creators are often so preoccupied with getting their books printed that they overlook other formats which may be successful for their book.

Many self-published authors have found success in converting their work into eBook format and distributing it to many of the popular eBook retailers.

eBook Conversion Services

There is nothing special that has to happen with your print ready files in order to have an eBook made from them.  This is typical no matter who you have print your books.

It is common for printers to need additional information such as the format of your eBook, the retailers you plan to distribute it to and meta-data information.  In general, if your printer has your files and you would like an eBook made from them, only small amounts of additional information are needed.

Of course if you want different artwork, text or a cover in your eBook file, you will have to submit other files.

Is it a good idea to have an eBook made?

The answer to this question will depend largely on the target market for your content as well as your budget.  In general, converting files to an eBook is less expensive than having a moderate amount of books printed.

Some customers of Edwards Brothers Malloy have opted to have their book converted to an eBook format before having traditional books printed in an effort to “test the waters” with their content.  Others have found than an eBook version appeals to buyers of their titles or that it increases exposure.

With the proliferation of eReading devices on the market it seems like it would always be a good idea to have a conversion done however you may want to research your market before doing so.

Edwards Brothers Malloy performs eBook conversions for its customers and distributes to all major retailers.  If you have more questions about converting your titles to this format, contact your sales or customer service representative.

Have you produced an eBook before?  Was it beneficial in your efforts to market your title?  Check out the infographic below which is brought to you by for some good information about Americans and eReaders.


ebook conversion services

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