I don’t know what I was thinking by ordering so many books!!!!

Malloy FulfillmentBelow is a message sent to Malloy from a current content creator customer…

“I don’t know what I was thinking by ordering so many books!!!!   134 boxes? 2 pallets?  Where will I put all of these books?  LOL  My wife was giving me funny looks the other day when I did the math in my head trying to figure how many came in a box and how many boxes….she is going to have a cow when I tell her tonight how many are coming   LOL”

The customer quoted above is new to publishing just like a lot of content creators that we print books for.  The sheer volume of space that books take up and knowing the best way to transport them once they are complete can be a surprise to first time print buyers.  That’s where the staff at Malloy can help out.

Determine quantity when your job is quoted

When you are getting a quote for the amount of books that you need printed, get a rough idea of how many will be packed into each box and how many boxes that will take.  If you are ordering a couple hundred books, you may not need to worry much about space.  Several hundred books or numbers in the thousands means thinking ahead of time about where they will be stored.  Volume of this size requires motor freight shipments and boxes arrive on a pallet that must be loaded and unloaded using a forklift or similar machinery.

malloy fulfillment solutionsShipping and storage

For very small quantities, well known shipping providers such as UPS, Fedex or DHL will suffice.  For larger quantities, motor freight is the cheapest way to go.  It is best to have storage arrangements sorted out before an 18 wheeler shows up at your doorstep with 2 pallets full of books.  It may save you time, money and your sanity to arrange for larger quantities to be stored at a storage facility instead of at your home.

Storage and Fulfillment

In most cases, our customers are printing books that eventually are sold or distributed to readers.  Many of our print buyers benefit greatly from Malloy’s fulfillment solutions.  By using these services, customers do not have to worry about storage, shipping and the fees associated with it and they even get access to tools that will help them manage their inventory and sell their books.  You can take advantage of Malloy’s fulfillment services whether you are a print customer or not.

Whether you have your books printed at Malloy or somewhere else, be sure you know where you are going to put them all.  Click here to learn more about fulfillment at Malloy.

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