Challenges New Authors Face and How to Overcome Them

challengeBeing an author is a tough gig and not many people make a success out of it.  Many of the barriers to entry into the publishing world have been reduced or eliminated by the internet but it is still challenging to write a book or (if you’ve already written one), to market and sell it.  Here are some common challenges we see authors face and how to overcome them.


CompetitionWhile the internet has made it really easy for authors to get exposure for their work, it has also thrown millions of people into direct competition with one another.  It may be easier to get information about your book out there but it’s also easier for everyone else who is trying to do it too.

How to overcome this:  One of the best ways to stand out among the competition on the internet is to have a website and a robust web presence.  Create an author website and/or blog and contribute content to it on a daily basis.  Create social channels and contribute to those on a regular basis.  Engage with your audience on these platforms.  Fill out profiles on eBook submission sites and forums.

Finding Buyers for Your Book

buyersSelling copies of your title to your own friends and family will only get you so far.  Eventually you’ll need a following to get traction for your book.  One of the greatest challenges for new authors despite the lower barriers of entry into the market is getting enough “buzz” for your author brand.

How to overcome this:  Here is a short list of tips that you can use to try and sell more books.

  • Sign up to sell your book on as many different digital platforms as possible
  • Use eBook submission sites to get more exposure
  • Offer free chapters of your book in exchange for emails on your author website so that you can start building an email list
  • Use your social channels to promote your title
  • Team up with other authors to help promote your book
  • Reach out to notable bloggers and ask for book reviews

The main thing to remember is be creative.  If the internet has taught us one thing, it’s that there is more than one good way (and ways that don’t even exist yet) to promote things.

Reaching Your Audience Quickly and Effeciently

networkingFor new authors who are largely unknown, getting traction quickly can be an uphill battle.  It can also take a lot of time for people to notice your content on a blog or social channels.

How to overcome this: If you have a small budget to work with, Facebook paid advertising is a highly effective way for reaching your audience.  Facebook is a great platform to get organic exposure for your book but it also has very powerful targeting features for paid advertising.  This requires a little investment unlike other avenues.  Authors that can develop content that their audience really likes and somehow tie it to their author brand can extend their reach on Facebook with paid advertising.

Writer’s Block

writers-blockYou might have an awesome marketing plan for your book but it will never get off the ground if you can’t finish writing it.  Writer’s block happens to the best of us and more often than not getting past it requires a change in perspective.

How to overcome this:  Here’s a list of tips on overcoming writer’s block.

  • Read someone else’s work
  • Take a walk
  • Stop trying to force your creative juices to flow
  • Spend time with friends and/or family
  • Do something out of the ordinary
  • Free write
  • Here are some other tips

Being a successful author for a living is perhaps one of the most difficult things to accomplish.  The main thing to remember is you must have passion, patience and be persistent.

Are you a successful author who has faced challenges in getting your career going?  How did you overcome those challenges?  Join in the conversation by commenting below.


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