Why Can’t I Perform Certain Tasks with Insite?

kodak insite prepress portal graphicThe Kodak Insite Prepress Portal is an online tool used by many printers to manage print workflow.  As with any software that is comprehensive and advanced, there is a learning curve involved.

Some customers find that they can do certain tasks within the program whereas they are not allowed to use other features on their own.  This is because there are very detailed user roles that can be set up within InSite.


InSite allows faster turnaround of prepress files by giving users the opportunity to review and approve proofs of print jobs.

With the diffusion of responsibility that many publishers utilize, it is not always practical to give one user complete control over the work flow.

User roles allow people to perform specific responsibilities without being involved (or given access to) other tasks in the workflow.  User roles can be determined both at a customer account level (for all jobs) as well as on a job by job basis.

Each printer can customize InSite with their own specific user roles however in general there are tiered levels.

A typical user role hierarchy might look like this,


  • Can upload, arrange and view pages in a job.
  • Use Smart Review and Preview to view soft proofs.
  • Annotate pages
  • Download PDF soft proofs.
  • Download files posted by the printer.


  • Can view pages.
  • Use Smart Review and Preview to view soft proofs.
  • Annotate pages.
  • Download PDF soft proofs.


  • Upload and view pages

Note that any amount of user roles could be created to fit a specific workflow however if you are a user of the InSite Prepress Portal and you do not see a feature that you know should be there, chances are your user role was designed not to see that option.

Do you use the Kodak InSite Prepress portal for your print work?  What other questions do you have about the system?

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