A Brief History of Edwards Brothers

Edwards Brothers MalloyThe first post in this blog gave a brief history of the former Malloy Inc.  The former Edwards Brothers also has a long and interesting history that we would like to share with you.  Founded in 1893, there are numerous milestones and important events that have happened with the company.  Like the former Malloy Inc., Edwards Brothers was founded right here in Ann Arbor, MI where the first offices were on Main Street.

Growth In Book Printing Despite Adverse Times

Edwards Brothers MalloyAfter about five decades and one great depression, the company emerged strong and had grown to 150 employees.  It was around this time in 1948 that Jim Malloy had left Edwards Brothers to start his own printing company.  About 12 years later Jim had since sold his interest in the company he started and founded Malloy Incorporated.  Edwards Brothers continued on at its new location on John Street in Ann Arbor.  By 1952, sales had topped 2 million annually and the company broke ground on its current headquarters at 2500 South State Street in Ann Arbor.

Over the next several decades, numerous acquisitions were made in order to enhance the service offerings and competitive advantage of the organization.  In the 1980’s Edwards Brothers North Carolina was moved to Lillington and overall sales had topped 21 million.  One of the most notable advancements for the company was the innovative strategy of installing digital book centers in customer locations which proliferated after the turn of the millennium.

Today Edwards Brothers Malloy is a combination of centuries of book manufacturing experience.  Not only does the company make books, it is a unified print supply chain solution enabling publishers of all sizes to print quality books closer to their final destination.

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