We Make Books

Edwards Brothers Malloy Book PrintingIf you asked anyone that works for Edwards Brothers Malloy about what the company does, the likely answer that you would receive is that we make books.

The core business here is the manufacturing of books, journals, catalogs and other book-like items.

So yes it is true that we do make books but the real value to our customers is not just that we make them books but how we accomplish this.

There Are No “One Size Fits All” Book Printing Services

Many businesses focus on a specific market and are not always set up for customers outside of that segment.

In fact, they may even turn people away that are trying to give them money for doing a job.  It is often impossible to service every single customer need.

We cannot claim to do this however a unique feature of Edwards Brothers Malloy is that we can print books for customers who need tens of thousands of copies or for those who may only want one.

Online tools give real time information to large publishers and peace of mind to smaller content creators.  Our expansive equipment capabilities allow us to manufacture virtually any book product that our customers need.

Our digital printing services have become very sophisticated allowing us to print customers books to match demand.

We Do More Than Just Make Books

While our primary service is offset and digital book printing, we provide our customers with other services that are equally important.

Our fulfillment solutions help publishers of all sizes service their customers much easier.  With ample storage space, cutting edge online inventory tools and dedicated employees, we fulfill millions of book orders every year.

We also provide eBook conversion services for our customers which includes distribution to major eBook retailers.

When you shop for a book printer, what do you look for?  Do you look for more than a manufacturer?

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