Your books are printed, now what?

Stacks of logs on the floor at Edwards Brothers MalloyWhen new self-publishers go to have their book printed, they often find many other elements that need consideration.  Determining where books will be stored, how they will get them to the hands of their customers and the process of converting print ready files to an eBook format are just some of the activities that deserve some thought even before books have rolled off the presses.

Storage and fulfillment

Edwards Brothers Malloy fulfillmentIt can be just as important to square away storage space for books as it is to find someone to print them.  Of course a few hundred books can be kept in a small storage unit or garage, however several thousand books require a significant amount of space.  Your best bet might be to find a company that offers both storage and order fulfillment.  Even if you do not use fulfillment services at first or don’t plan to at all, companies that offer the service may also be able to handle inventory management for you.  Businesses that offer both services may also have well developed relationships with freight companies in the event you need large quantities sent to you or somewhere else.  Order fulfillment can also be a valuable service for smaller and self-publishers.  A fulfillment company can handle inventory management, shipping, invoicing and a variety of other business related tasks so that you can focus on marketing your title and generating more content.

Converting print ready files to eBook format

ebook conversionFiles that are formatted for printing are not formatted for the production of an eBook.  The process by which files are converted for eReaders varies from company to company, however it can often be a lengthy task.  For instance, elements like asterisks, tabs, line breaks, and typeset must be optimized for an eReader.  This formatting can take hours per file or longer depending on the length of the book and the text, characters and images contained in the files.  There is also the necessary proofing and quality control that goes along with the process.  Sometimes this entire procedure can happen faster if you choose a printer that also has the capability to perform eBook conversions and already has files that were used to print a physical copy of your book.

Edwards Brothers Malloy offers book printing, fulfillment, storage, and eBook conversion services all under one roof.  Our customers often save a lot of money by utilizing all of our offerings as opposed to having different businesses handle each one.  Click here for more information about these services.

Have you ever felt kind of lost after getting books printed?  Did it help having a plan before hand?  Join the conversation by commenting below.  

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