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A Self-Publisher’s Guide to the Book Printing Process

It’s tempting to believe that printers just upload files to the book making machine and books pop out the other end. Good printers make it seem that easy but it really isn’t. In actuality, the printing process is often multi-faceted … Continue reading

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6 Tips for Meeting Your Writing Deadlines

Guiding yourself to the completion of your book is no easy task. Procrastination is every writer’s worst enemy and it can rob you of publishing success (not to mention an income). If you are having trouble staying on track, here … Continue reading

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4 Reasons A Book Trailer Can Help Sell More Books

Book trailers (traditionally “teaser” videos that help promote a title) are a unique way to let people get a glimpse of your book. The visual medium can drum up a lot of interest because videos have the potential to go … Continue reading

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Challenges New Authors Face and How to Overcome Them

Being an author is a tough gig and not many people make a success out of it.  Many of the barriers to entry into the publishing world have been reduced or eliminated by the internet but it is still challenging … Continue reading

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