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Creating a Solid Web Presence

In our previous post, we mentioned an independent publisher who was having success marketing titles online using less conventional techniques. Another publisher taking an innovative approach to marketing titles is Dave Trendler of VeloPress; a company in Boulder CO specializing … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Marketing Strategies for Publishers in 2013

If you’ve been in the business of selling content, odds are that life has been less than predictable for you.  The advancement of mobile technology and the way information is shared has left publishers and printers scrambling for ways to think outside … Continue reading

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Glossary of Printing Terms

Before I came to work for Edwards Brothers Malloy, I had no experience in the printing industry.  As such, there were a lot of things I had to learn about the process of manufacturing books.  I must confess that I’m … Continue reading

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The Brighter The Whiter

Much like the printing industry, paper producers have their own set of lingo that can be confusing.  Choosing the right type of paper is important to the physical look and feel of your book.  It must also compliment other characteristics … Continue reading

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