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7 Book Printing & Publishing Mistakes

Small publishers and self-publishers alike face many choices when bringing a book to market.  Things like printing, marketing, distribution, inventory management and sales are all balls to keep in the air.

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6 Challenges for Self-published Authors

Publishing changed forever, once the Internet came along.  High profile authors still use traditional publishers, editors, and marketers but a huge swatch of talent is taking the self-publishing route.

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4 Tips for Getting Your Book to Market

Getting your book from your brain to paper to book stores (online or off) is a step by step process.  With the radical changes in how books are produced and sold these days, there is no single path for this … Continue reading

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7 Manuscript Errors that Throw a Wrench into the editing process

Employing a professional editor or editing service is one thing self-published authors will thank themselves for.  A good editor not only catches technical and grammatical errors but can improve the flow and overall effectiveness of a book.

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