7 Strategies to Make Your Book Stand Out In the Crowd

With the walls of the publishing status quo breached, anyone with a computer and an internet connection can potentially publish a book.  So how do you make your title stand out from all the rest?  Here’s 7 simple tips for standing out among thousands of other authors.

Use Stunning Illustrations for Cover Design

cover-artYour cover is the first thing readers will see.  While we are told to never judge a book by its cover, that’s one of the main elements that attracts attention1.  If design is not your strong point, bite the bullet and hire a cover designer.  Even a freelancer on Fiverr or eLance can get you something decent.

The importance of cover art cannot be stressed enough.  Not only is this what you will be submitting to a printer and ebook conversion service, it is what you’ll be using in marketing you do through email, social, and any place else you plan to market your book.

Use a Unique Marketing Approach

An inbound approach to marketing your book can be very powerful.  Authors can build their email list and stature as a writer by offering portions of their content for free.  Make a simple PDF out of your book or portions of it.  Load it onto your website and then use a service like Lead Pages to set up a landing page with opt-in form.

Authors can integrate Lead Pages2 with email marketing programs like Mail Chimp or Aweber.  Set up an email series that can be sent out to subscribers.  You can include additional content in every email like blog posts, additional chapters of your book or news.  This is a good way to stay top of mind and develop a following of fans.  Even if you do not use this particular strategy, email marketing for authors3 can be a very powerful way to build your reader base.

Do Podcasts

podcastHook up with other marketers or authors4 to do podcasts about any number of topics.  These could be about your journey through the traditional or non-traditional publishing industry, tips on writing or the process or whatever an interviewer thinks their audience would find valuable.

You will get exposure just like if you were to market yourself and your book through other channels but this also gives you a chance at a deeper connection.  If you can connect with a notable entity that does podcasts, people will get a chance to hear your voice and your style making the exposure that much more powerful.

Get as Many Reviews as You Can

If you’ve already made it to the point where you are selling books, do not miss a chance to get reviews from your buyers5.  If you haven’t reached that point yet or maybe you’ve already exhausted requests from existing buyers, find someone to review your book and write something about it.

Reviews (whether from a book reviewer or from a buyer) are a chance to put out user generated content about your title.  If you can get a book reviewer to take a look at your title, you can potentially get a link back to you author website as well.

Join an Author Community

Author communities are great on many levels.  Not only are they a place where you can get counsel on marketing your title but they can be a vehicle for amplifying your voice.  Authors can find services they need for editing and design.  They can get tips on what has worked well for others and (when they are ready) they can depend on a community to help share their message.

Use Video

Video is a great way to market a book if done well.  Create a book trailer to help give readers an advanced preview of your title.  This also creates another version of content you can share on other platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Get Professional Editing

editorIt might hurt in the beginning if you have a non-existent budget but you will thank yourself for finding and working with a good editor6.  A talented editing professional can help you smooth out the narrative of your book and make your final product sing.

Professional editing can really make or break your book.  Good editors have an eye for positioning certain genres and they can serve as a second set of very well-trained eyes on your work.


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