5 Ways To Get More Book Reviews

Reviews are huge for self-publishers.  They get a book some exposure and show others that it’s not just your family reading your book.

Sometimes getting a good review on a notable blog or website with a devout following can be more powerful than national media exposure.  Here are 5 ways to get more reviews for your book.

Offer Free Copies

The last thing you probably want to do is give away your heart and soul for free but it can really get things going for you.

Promote your title for free if recipients are willing to read it and give an honest review of your work in a public forum (for example on Amazon or some other platform).

Place a limit on your offer and follow up to make sure people actually do the review.  Try and avoid handing out printed copies of your book and have readers use a digital format to lower the cost.

If you are having books printed to give out, make double sure that these are people who will do a thoughtful review of your book.

Another good approach is to have instructions on how they can leave a review for your title online.  Send instructions to them so there is no ambiguity about how they should leave a review.

Ask for review referrals

If you’ve already managed to get a few reviews for your title, ask for referrals for other reviews.

People who do book reviews on a regular basis often know other reviewers who might be willing to take a look at your work.  As the old saying goes you never know until you try and all a person can do is say no.

Send out emails to those who have reviewed your work already and ask them for three to five names of others who also do book reviews.

Follow up with those individuals and send them a digital copy of your book.  Sometimes it’s a numbers game and the more people you contact the better luck you’ll have.

Search for Book Reviewers Online

Look online for bloggers or book reviewers on twitter to review your title for you.

As mentioned before there are some people who do this full time.  Use tools like Google Blog search to find book review blogs.

Reach out via email or phone to these site owners and ask them if they would be willing to review your title.

You’ll find that this process takes a lot of perseverance (kind of like self-publishing a book!)  Don’t get discouraged.

Set aside half an hour every day to simply find and contact people online who might review your title.

Ask your blog/social media followers

If you already have a blog/social media following, half the battle is already done.  Reach out to your network and ask them to do a review of your book.

Even if these networks are mostly friends and family, that’s ok.  You have to start somewhere and your own sphere of influence can help get you off the ground.

Ask Readers in the back of your book

If someone has made it all the way through your book without quitting, chances are they liked it.  In fact people who don’t like a book won’t even finish it let alone review it.  So place a call to action or paragraph explaining how reviews help authors at the back of your book.

You might also place instructions on this page or on the back cover so people know how to leave a review online where it matters.  Readers are very passionate people and if they like your work, they will take the time to review it.

How do you get more book reviews?  Share by adding a comment below!

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