5 Things You Should Know Before You Self-Publish

Self-publishing or the production of a book without the use of traditional publishers has surged in recent years.

Advancements in technology and online social networking have made it easier than ever to get a book printed and marketed to potential customers.

With every new way of doing something there are typically trade-offs as well as nuances to an industry which newcomers may not have anticipated.  Publishing a book on your own can be an amazing journey with much larger rewards.

Self-publishers can keep the rights to their content, keep more of the money their book brings in and essentially be their own boss.  This is assuming of course that they are able to sell books.

Getting Started is Relatively Simple

If you are looking into self-publishing, chances are that you already have a ton of content produced.  Once you think it’s ready to go, getting started is relatively simple.  Take whatever content you have created and turn it into a PDF.

Design a cover for your book using any type of graphic design program such Adobe Photoshop or a free option like GIMP for Windows.  Turn your cover into a PDF and then start deciding who will print your book and/or convert it to an eBook format.

Check out our post on preparing print-ready files for tips on getting yourself ready for print.

Select Your Printer

Print on demand (POD) and digital short run printing are growing areas of the print business.  Since self-publishers are often unsure if they will be able to sell books quickly, being able to print small quantities or only print books when they are sold is very attractive.

Unless you have pent up demand for a title that you are sure will sell quickly, it is typically best to print as little as you need at first.  Edwards Brothers Malloy offers digital short run services for as few as 24 copies for soft cover books and 100 copies for hard cover.

Find a Printer That Knows What They Are Doing

There are many companies that feature fast printing for ultra-low prices.  These can be alluring alternatives, however making sure your book is printed the right way using quality craftsmanship and durable materials will go a long way with your buyers.

In reality, it isn’t easy to make a quality book that will stand up to the test of time.  A well-built book will also look much more professional and let your readers know you mean business.

One Stop Shopping Can Save You Time and Money

Self-publishers need to think seriously about putting their content in eBook form.  Millions of eReaders and other electronic devices are used to download self-published titles every day.

Not converting your content to be distributed to eBook retailers means you could be missing out on a huge chunk of your potential market.  Rather than searching for a company to print your books and another to convert your content into eBook form, find one that does both.

You may save money in the long run and you won’t have to go through the hassle of submitting your files to another business.  We provides digital short run services as well as eBook conversion services under the same roof.  We distribute to major eBook retailers such as Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Barns & Noble.com, and the Sony Reader Bookstore.

Good Customer Service Is Key

No matter how you look at it, printing a book is a complicated process.  There are multiple factors that need to be addressed before you can start the printing process.

If for some reason you have a question (and you probably will) having competent and experienced customer service staff available is likely to turn out to be a good investment.  Not knowing the answers to your questions may mean lost time, having your books reprinted, added cost and frustration.

Self-publishing is easier for content creators than it has ever been before.  Just make sure you know what you are getting yourself into and that you have the right resources lined up for you to be successful.

Edwards Brothers Malloy helps publishers of all sizes, and we have a knowledgeable customer service staff that has been with us for an average of 30 years.   If you think we might be of service to you with a printing project, please give us a call.

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