4 Reasons A Book Trailer Can Help Sell More Books

Movie reel for book trailerBook trailers (traditionally “teaser” videos that help promote a title) are a unique way to let people get a glimpse of your book.

The visual medium can drum up a lot of interest because videos have the potential to go viral and people spend a lot of time watching videos online.

If you didn’t plan on making a book trailer for your title, here are some reasons why you may want to change your mind.

Videos Are Shareable

Sharing on social mediaThe internet has enabled a lot of different content mediums to be shareable and video is up there with some of the most shared forms.

Platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and others have built in functionality for sharing videos.

If you can make a book trailer that grabs attention, is short, punchy or otherwise entertaining to watch, you can leverage the internet to get it lots of exposure very quickly.

If your audience likes your video, they’ll reward you by sharing it on social channels, via email and through other channels.

The Opportunity to Make Something Entertaining

Video gives you the chance to be very creative with the promotion of your title.  People prefer watching video and they prefer it even more when videos are fun or compelling to watch.  Your trailer doesn’t have to be comedic.

It can also be profound, interesting, nail-biting or thrilling.  Whatever it takes to convey what your title is about while at the same time capturing the attention of your readers.

Visibility in Search

searchYouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.  Google owns YouTube and people flock to the platform for how-to advice, entertainment, education and other kinds of video content.

While you should upload your trailer to a variety of platforms, having it on YouTube gives you the opportunity to get more visibility in search.  Add keywords to your video and its description so that it can get found in search.

People Prefer Video Over Other Forms of Content

An article in Forbes highlights some of the reasons people prefer video over other forms of content.  By using video as a tool to market your book, you can leverage the connection that people have with video in general.

Videos are trending upward on the web meaning they are quickly becoming a dominant form of media.  People spend countless hours watching and uploading video to the internet.  If you can successfully work in your book trailer using video, you are tapping into a powerful marketing resource.

Have you ever made a book trailer before?  Did it help with the promotion of your title?  Join in the conversation by commenting below.

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