3 Components Publishers Can Use for a Solid Web Presence

the world wide webIt has been said recently that 2013 will be the year of internet marketing.

Last year, Edwards Brothers Malloy initiated its own web presence makeover and we thought that some of the things we have learned could also help benefit the publishing community.

Here are 3 tips to help you enhance or get the ball rolling for your digital presence.


Companies that blog have an average of 55% more website traffic than ones who don’t.  Not only does blogging create fresh content that search engines love, it is an opportunity to offer something valuable to your customers.

Publishers can offer all sorts of great tips to the authors they serve.  You could talk about strategies for getting a manuscript accepted or perhaps general tips for writers.  Use anything that your audience will find valuable.

Blogging also offers a way for companies to engage with their visitors by asking questions and allowing visitors to comment.  When you create your blog, do it under the domain that you currently use and update it at least twice per week.

blogging infographic

Social Media

Hundreds of millions of people are using social media every day to communicate with one another and also to connect with the organizations and brands they care about.

As a publisher, if you aren’t using social media in some way for your business, you are missing out.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus allow brands to tell a story about who they are and engage their current and potential customers.  Sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh or Daily Motion allow businesses to make unique videos and share them across the social web.

Sharing useful and engaging content on these networks not only gets your brand out there, it opens the door for communication between a business and potential customers.

social media infographic


One of the buzz words of the decade is SEO or search engine optimization.  These on-site and off-site tasks that help website get found easily by search engines are an essential part of building a strong web presence.

Every second, 3.5 people look up SEO on Google and one of the top search terms related to it is “SEO services”.  For publishers, optimizing a website is essential for success in the online world, especially for those running some type of eCommerce site or online bookstore.

The internet has become the central conduit through which much of the information we look for is found.  Use free tools online to generate keyword ideas such as Google’s keyword tool.

Focus one page on your website around each keyword including it in copy, in meta, alt and title tags.  Create external properties for your business on free business listing websites and wikis.  Build back links to your website or links that are simply leading from another business’s site to yours.

A good place to start would be businesses with whom you already have a relationship such as suppliers, vendors or customers.  Try to get sites with high Page Rank to link to your as these will produce the best SEO results.   All these tactics can help make your website stand out in search engine results pages.

seo infographic

Do you work for a publisher that plans on using or enhancing internet marketing this year or next?  Have you already tried some of these tactics?  Were they successful?


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