Paper Supply & Demand

We don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, but if the recent past is any indication, the supply of paper in the U.S. looks like it will continue to tighten into 2018 and, perhaps, beyond.

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Book Counterfeiting: The Publishing Industry’s Quiet War

Fraud exists everywhere.  In our financial systems, our insurance markets, our entertainment industry, and even in baseball.  Anywhere there is a thriving economic ecosystem there are people trying to cash in on cutting corners.

The printing and publishing industry is no different.  Publishers are quietly fighting a war against a ubiquitous torrent of counterfeit books.  Faux literature that is displacing publishing revenues and undermining the hard work of those in the book printing industry.

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7 Book Printing & Publishing Mistakes

7 Book printing and publishing mistakes

Small publishers and self-publishers alike face many choices when bringing a book to market.  Things like printing, marketing, distribution, inventory management and sales are all balls to keep in the air.

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6 Challenges for Self-published Authors

Publishing changed forever, once the Internet came along.  High profile authors still use traditional publishers, editors, and marketers but a huge swatch of talent is taking the self-publishing route.

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