The Aroma of Books

Ever wonder why books have a certain smell?  Over a period of time, the chemicals within the paper used to manufacture books begin to break down.  This causes the smell you notice coming from both new and old books.  Usually, the thinner the paper, the less of certain types of chemicals are used.

Infographic via @compoundchem


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Book Binding Styles: Which is Right for Your Book?

Book Bindry

Did you know that book binding is a craft that is thousands of years old?  It is unclear where it originated first but today it remains a complex manufacturing art.  Dozens of different bind styles exist and the type of style you choose for your title depends on who you are marketing it to as well as what it will be used for.

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Getting Reviews for Your Book

Book reviewConsumers are connecting directly with authors through eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Smashwords or through social media sites like Facebook, Reddit and Twitter.  There is also a litany of book blogs, author websites, book forums and pay-per-click advertising that are a huge part of how customers learn about new books.  One powerful force is consistent among all of these platforms; the customer review.  Reviews (no matter what product or service they are attached to) are the one piece of content consumers can trust as a source for finding out what a book is like before they buy.  Having reviews for a title is one of the most important things authors can focus on with their marketing efforts.

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7 Strategies to Make Your Book Stand Out In the Crowd

With the walls of the publishing status quo breached, anyone with a computer and an internet connection can potentially publish a book.  So how do you make your title stand out from all the rest?  Here’s 7 simple tips for standing out among thousands of other authors.

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